Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cracking the Mother Code - Call For Submissions -Two

I have always wanted to learn how to juggle things just like professionals -- apples, oranges, flaming shish kebobs or kebabs. With that in mind, I am now practicing the art of the two-handed toss. So far, nothing has landed on my head, but, I don't throw very high. Call me chicken, or better yet, make that lamb.

Anyhow, as the deadline for NANOWRIMO approaches along with Hallowe'en hobgoblins and pumpkin pie with whipped cream, because pie couldn't hurt, I just want to remind readers that submissions are beginning to trickle in for the anthology LESSONS I LEARNED FROM MY MOTHER -- info about how to submit is listed on this blog page -- and it is highly interesting to read the various thoughts and stories from such diverse age groups, and locales.

Please send us (Marion and me) your stories! We are gathering a vast number (hundreds and hundreds), and out of that we'll be able to sort through and decide who and what goes where, chapter-wise etc.

Some of the material we have looked at so far is very somber. We are hoping for more amusing stories, touching, light, poignant yet hopeful. We want to feel inspired and amazed. Not depressed. Goodness, no.

I have a cousin from the Bronx -- everyone should have a cousin from the Bronx -- who is uproariously funny. He sent me his piece -- fairly short, but certainly long enough to cover his subject.
Having a male voice is great. We want to hear from men -- because even men have mothers and I bet they learned a lot from them in many useful ways.

So, keep those stories coming in. Remember, anything from 800 words to 1500 will do fine. We're flexible. We'll even look at one-act plays.

Now, tell us everything 'cause... Mama said!
Happy Writing!

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