Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cracking the Mother Code - Call For Submissions

One of the three projects I am working on is a non-fiction anthology about mothers --  yours and mine.
The idea came to my partner, Marion Witz, after she and I completed the memoirs of Elizabeth Grant, who is a tour de force like no one I've ever known. That book, which took us two years to complete, details one woman's remarkable achievements despite enormous odds. (Elizabeth Grant My Life--My Story is available everywhere.) When it was done, Marion really got to thinking about women through the ages and what a profound impact they have always had, not the least of which is expressed through motherhood.

We decided it was time for a book about our mothers -- not some treacly thing that drills holes in teeth when we take a bite, but a more honest examination of our mothers and ourselves. We are looking for real. For stirring. For levity and drama. We are convinced that even tough relationships bear useful fruit, so, please give us some juicy flesh, not pulp. Inspire us. Delight us. We can't wait!


We (Marion Witz and Carol Krenz) are creating an anthology entitled Lessons I Learned From My Mother, a collection of stories, anecdotes, plays, notes, essays, poetry and assorted vignettes that recall various pieces of wisdom and observations we absorbed from our mothers in early childhood and well beyond.

The book will document personal thoughts and memories that touch on humour, drama, compassion and other aspects of the mother-child experience and we invite you to share your stories with us.

Our focus is based on the unique ways people learned from their mothers, often without even realizing it, or perhaps, in typical rebellious fashion, how they rejected many lessons in youth, only to rediscover their merits later on.

We welcome stories (real or fictional) that illustrate how those lessons made an impact –   how they changed or coloured lives for the better. Regardless of the complex relationships we have with our mothers, how did we emerge? Perhaps by examining our mothers’ challenges and the arcs of their lives, we developed compassion, humour, kindness and patience in living ours.

Lessons I Learned From My Mother will contain the accumulated wisdom of hundreds of daughters and sons and provide real-life observations from first-hand accounts that are uniquely inspiring.

Contributors are encouraged to write about any subject. Our chapters include such topics as: VALUES, HONESTY, LOVE, KINDNESS, LEADERSHIP, DISCIPLINE, FAMILY, MORALITY, STRENGTH, HUMOUR, PRACTICALITY, COURAGE, PARENTING, SEX.
All contributions are strictly voluntary. Your work will be fully credited (byline) and listed in the Acknowledgements. Additionally, each contributor will receive an author’s copy of the book.
Our sincerest thanks,
Marion Witz and Carol Krenz


1. Submit one or two stories, vignettes or essays (about 800 words each to max. 1500) – you may suggest longer works, subject to editorial review.

2. Manuscripts may be double-spaced in Word format, or pasted into the body of your email, with your name, home address, phone number and email address on the upper left corner. Your age is not mandatory, although we’d welcome it.
This call for submissions is open to everyone over the age of 18.
DEADLINE is December 1, 2010

3. If your work is accepted, we will forward a Permissions slip for signature.

4. ** Send electronic submissions and documents to:

Carol Krenz – carolkrenz@gmail.com

** Please write SUBMISSIONS in your email subject header.

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